Monday, September 21, 2009

Unique artistic talent here in Granbury - Stacy Watkins

One of the most unique artists here in this part of Texas is the very talented Stacey Watkins Martin of your Private Collection Gallery, in Granbury Texas. Stacey has created a new art form using resin, fused glass, metal and painting. Stacey describes here work as:

"The art I have composed is a blend of phosphorescent pigments and resin. The medium I use is not common. My artwork changes in the dark and is able to glow with contrast of vibrant colors by absorbing UV light (black light or natural sun light). My artwork visually evolves and is re-born with each new day’s dawn of early light. The purpose of my art is to be an extension of my faith and a reflection of the Lord’s spirit. I try and let the Holy Spirit work thru me when creating art. I hope to captivate imaginations and provoke minds to take journeys that have no spiritual exit."

It is quite an incredible experience to enter the dark room at the back of the gallery and have the UV light switched on - Stacey's pieces come to life and give off wonderful almost phosphorescent colors and light. I would encourage anybody in the metroplex area to take a trip to the gallery on the historic square in Granbury. It is well worth a visit. Maybe while you are here you could pop over to the Iron Horse Inn and take the historic tour with fresh baked Irish scones and beverages!

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  1. I love her art. She is awesome.