Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pet portrait artist in Texas - Liz Van Der Werff

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a talented artist who among other things, paints the most gorgeous portraits of pets. Liz Van Der Werf, is a fun person to be around and her animal portraits are really lifelike!

On her website, Liz has a fascinating animation section where you can watch a painting develop through its various stages. Check out the link below to watch the portrait of this lovely persian cat develop.

Liz recently took a workshop at the Iron horse Inn with Qiang Huang and while the rest of the group were painting flowers, she found an old doorknob I have here(with a very interesting history!) and proceeded to create a still life with it - the resulting painting is fabulous.

She also paints wonderful portraits which really capture the character of the subject. Check out this cutie below!

Liz offers art classes and we look forward to having her offer a workshop here at The Iron horse Inn!

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