Monday, July 20, 2009

Artists in Granbury Texas

Guests who stay here at the Iron horse Inn regularly ask me if I am an artist, because I have opened an artistic retreat center. I always answer "No, I like to dabble". this is true - over the years I have enjoyed dabbling in many art forms, including dress design, drawing, painting, dollhousing, quilting, gardening and Italian figurines.

While living in Italy for 4 years, I became fascinated by these wonderful nativity scenes and was delighted to be able to take a class with two masters of the art, in Naples. Over a period of 18 months I managed to create this one. While it will never be a patch on the work of the masters, it was a real joy to do!

I have always had a fascination with miniatures and dollhouses, so when I decided to embark on this project, I was very excited at the prospect. 4 years later I had completed this dollhouse. I had a ball finding miniature items to put into the house as well as finding ways to create items for the rooms and gardens. This house is mounted on a lazy susan, and guests at the bed and breakfast love to turn it around and look into all of the rooms at the huge number of tiny objects inside!

From the time I was a small child I have had a passion for fabric and sewing. Patchwork always held a particular fascination for me and in recent years the discovery of the "art quilt" form of patchwork has been a joy. this quilt is a "watercolor patchwork" and is based on the Monet Waterlilies painting. I particularly love the work of Lenore Crawford and Esterita Austin, who specialize in creating paintings from fabrics. Esterita will be offering a workshop here in December.

As you can see, I have dabbled quite a bit over the years and while I have not become a master of any art form, I have truly enjoyed trying! That is why I am so excited about having an art retreat center here at the Iron horse Inn - I love to be surrounded by artists who have mastered their art form. I look forward to every artist who comes to stay here.

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