Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Antiques at Historic bed and breakfast in granbury

We are blessed to have a wonderful collection of beautiful and interesting antiques here at the Iron horse Inn in Granbury Texas.
The house has a historic marker and was built in 1907. What is particularly interesting about this house is that there are so many antiques here which are original to the Cogdell family who built the house over a hundred years ago.Some date to the 1880's from the original family home that burned down in 1905.

All of the light fixtures in the house are original - this is a fine example of the elegant craftsman style from the living room.

This exquisite wall light appears to be a bronze but is in fact hand carved wood and is original to this house. It is on display in the upstairs hallway.

This beautiful old bookcase with curved glass is one of the items of furniture which was saved from the original house fire in 1905. It dates back to the 1880's as does this lovely old sofa.

Guests love to hear the history of this charming old house while sitting around this 1880's solid oak mission dining room table. The entire dining room set was rescued from the house fire, and is in beautiful condition.

Guests are always amazed to see this old clawfoot tub, which is in the Cogdell suite. It is almost 7" long and was ordered specially by Daniel Cogdell, the original owner of the house - he was 6'4" tall and needed a long bath tub! We regularly have male guests tell us what a treat it is to take a soak in a tub that they can finally fit in!

This lovely example of an Edison record player was purchased by the Cogdell's in 1923 , it still has a large collection of its original records and plays beautifully. Guests love to hear it play as a special treat during breakfast! Come along and stay with us at the Iron horse inn and see these and many more beautiful antiques for yourself.

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