Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wildlife at the Iron Horse Inn Bed and Breakfast, Granbury, Texas!

Now that summer is here, it is so interesting to watch the wide variety of creatures in our lovely gardens, here at the Iron horse Inn Bed and Breakfast. This is picture I took of a beautiful red Dragonfly that was flitting around our pond in the sunshine this morning.

Just yesterday I marveled as a Mockingbird chased a squirrel in spirals around one of 100 year old Pecan Trees! That squirrel was really scared of that Mocking bird!
A couple of mornings ago, I called our guests attention to a mother and baby Cardinal just outside the dining room window. Mama bird was taking care of baby bird who was not long out of his nest. He was still gray and fluffy, but had his distinctive Cardinal crest on his head.

Around the pond this morning I took this photo of the Koi fish swimming around.they have been taking shelter under the greenery of the pond during this past few days of hot weather

If you look closely at the picture below you will see the beautiful Heron that lives along the river on the hike and bike trail right beside our bed and breakfast. I enjoy watching him as i take my morning walk along the trail.

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