Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ancient trees at Granbury Texas Bed and Breakfast

We are in awe of our wonderful old trees here at the Iron Horse Inn bed and breakfast, in Granbury, Texas. The view from the kitchen door is of our 400 year old live oak. It is magnificent and proud, and it is a delight to sit in the swing beneath it and rock gently. We have two 400 year old live oaks on the property. The other is a beauty, growing just beside our new art studio.
All of the pecan trees in the garden were planted by the original owner, Lucy Cogdell when the house was built in 1905. They still produce huge crops of nuts every year!
At night it is a delight to stroll around the garden and see the trees lit up by our mercury vapor lights in each one. Or sitting in the sun room of our Cogdell Suite you feel as if you are in the trees, with the lights all around you. A very special room!.

How much history these old trees have seen.

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